Belhaven Bikes and Dunbar schools gear up for the Big Pedal 2013

Along with Dunbar Primary School and Grammar School, we are currently preparing for the annual Big Pedal, which is now a firm fixture and favourite in our cycling calendar!

The Big Pedal is a UK national competition which is a massive cycle and scoot to school event. In 2012 over 890,000 journeys were made by bike and scooter, by pupils at nearly 1,000 schools, representing a combined role of over 310,000 pupils. This year it takes place from 28 February to 20 March.

Dunbar Grammar is aiming to repeat their success from last year when they won the regional event and were awarded with the 1st prize of cycle accessories. The Primary also has their eye firmly on a prize this year to reflect the great effort that goes on all year round from the pupils who regularly cycle and scoot to school.

We have supported the event in previous years and will be repeating our initiatives such as water bottles awarded to the Primary class who pedals the most and a number of free entries to theSPACE skatepark in North Berwick, for the high pedalling Grammar students. This year, we will also carry out free bike checks at both schools during the event.

Additionally, we are offering our hire bikes free of charge to parents/supporters of Primary aged children who would like to participate in the event this year, as these journeys also contribute greatly to the points awarded to the school. If you are interested in the use of a bike to support the Big Pedal, you can contact us on 01368 860300 or email

Headteacher of Dunbar Primary School, Helen Gillanders, commented “We are actively encouraging as many of our pupils to ride their bike to school during the Big Pedal. It is a great way to keep healthy, develop independence and look after the environment” and Tom Fendick of Dunbar Grammar school said “A lot of the students are really looking forward to the Big Pedal. With house points at stake and last year’s 1st place to defend, this is an excellent way to motivate them to cycle or scoot. If we manage a couple of days where as many students as possible drag their bike out of the shed or garage and pedal in, then I will be extremely happy!“.

The Primary has a variety of fun events planned around the Big Pedal. Parents and teachers will be rewarded with flapjacks for supporting the event on the first day and there will be a ‘bling your bike’ day. During the event there will also be an opportunity for pupils to dress up as superheroes to pedal or scoot to school.

So…watch out Dunbar for a higher number of Supermen and Wonder Women that day!



Dunbar Grammar School and Belhaven Bikes – Big Pedal 2012

Photograph: East Lothian News

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