An East Lothian, Spooky Scoot, at theSPACE!

We recently teamed up with our good friends at theSPACE, North Berwick again for a Halloween Scooter Jam.

The weekend before the Halloween Jam we were at the International Scooter Association World Championship, at Deeside skatepark in Wales. While we took in the top class riding there and checked out the new scooter products to stock at Belhaven Bikes, Skate ‘n’ Scoot…we also took the opportunity to get a variety of the scooter prizes we were giving away, for theSPACE Halloween scoot comp, signed by the top riders from around the world. Thanks, in particular, to Terry Price, Dakota Schuetz and Ryan Williams.

On the night of the Halloween Jam theSPACE had surpassed their spooky efforts from last year’s event with even more ghoulish decoration and the park looked sick and spook-tastic! It was great to see such a wide age range of scooterists turn up for the Jam last Thursday – from the little rippers, to some more experienced shredders who took part in the comp later that evening.

As the riders arrived we could see a huge range of scooters being ridden, from MGP and Grit to District and Addict, completes and customs. Some competitors travelled from as far away as Kinross and Kirkcaldy, cheers guys! Some wicked riding took place that night and the competition was suitably fierce, well done to all the competitors. Kris from the ‘Kingdom’ came away with first, overall prize of the signed scoot handlebars and we were stoked to see everyone so chuffed with their prizes and giveaways.

Huge thanks to theSPACE for hosting the Halloween Jam and a big ‘shout out’ to everyone who came along and made it a spooky, scoot-tastic night!

If you are interested in scooters you can check our Scoot pages, you can also ‘Buy Online’ from us too. Otherwise, why don’t you ‘drop in’ to the shop, we’re at Rigg Service Station, Belhaven Road, Dunbar, East Lothian or there a few different ways to contact us here.

Halloween scooter competition, the Space, East Lothian, supported by Belhaven Bikes


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