Shimano Cranksets Recall


Shimano Cranksets Recall

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The Shimano Cranksets recall notice has been fairly widely reported but we felt, just in case any of our customers had missed this announcement, we wanted to highlight the issue. Further information follows which identifies the cranksets that are included in the recall but we’re happy to assess and chat it over with you in the first instance.

Image below of the cranksets that might be subject to inspection:

Shimano cranksets recall

Shimano Europe B.V. has started an inspection and replacement program of selected bonded 11-speed HOLLOWTECH II road cranksets produced between June 1, 2012, up to and including June 30, 2019, for a possible bonding separation issue.

This specifically concerns the Shimano ULTEGRA FC-6800, DURA-ACE FC-9000, ULTEGRA FC-R8000, DURA-ACE FC-R9100 and FC-R9100-P 11-Speed Bonded HOLLOWTECH II Road Cranksets in Europe. Reports received by Shimano indicate that the bonded parts of the crank arm could separate and break, posing potential fall and injury hazards to consumers.

To remedy this situation we’ve been asked by Shimano’s UK distributor, who we’ve been partnered with for almost 20 years, to inspect any applicable crankset.

This inspection is designed to determine whether the crank arms show a possible bonding separation issue and to swiftly remove any possible safety hazard to our consumers. Not all ULTEGRA and DURA-ACE cranksets need to be inspected. Shimano will replace any cranksets that fail the inspection process free of charge.

Our Workshop


Your cranksets will be inspected in our Cytech Accredited workshop which offers servicing, repairs, Di2 updates, free safety checks and wheel building.

Just so you are aware and in case it’s of any interest, we’ve also had specialist e-bike training which enables our workshop to handle electric bike servicing and repairs in addition to our Cytech Technician status. We also have diagnostic software which can run service interval reports on Bosch, Shimano and Yamaha equipped e-bikes as well as perform updates and run reports.

You can drop by to see us at Belhaven Bikes, Rigg Service Station, Belhaven Road, Dunbar EH42 1DE. Call us on 01368 860300. Email us at [email protected]. Alternatively contact us on Twitter or Instagram.

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