Celebrating Dunbar’s Conservation Hero – John Muir

Our statue of John Muir will shortly be on display again to celebrate John Muir’s birth date, 21 April. Colin, partner of Belhaven Bikes created the statue for an art project and during the last year, our John Muir statue has been really well received. Visitors have stopped at our shop to take photos of them, and their bikes, with Mr Muir and there have even been a fair few selfies! 

A few years ago Colin started to create items out of recycled bicycle parts and scrap metal to tie in with local events. He then progressed to producing sculptures and has since been commissioned to create a variety of art including skulls, stag heads…even sunflowers! His background gives him a strong grounding, and interest, in Art and Technical design. Both qualities enable him to take the service of the bike workshop at Belhaven Bikes beyond average capabilities and have proved a catalyst for his artistic work.

Our Mr Muir normally resides in the shop but enjoys being outside on Sunny Dunny days! However, with John Muir’s birth date approaching, we decided to take our John Muir statue to the start of the John Muir Way in Dunbar and we had a really beautiful evening to capture some photographs in such a stunning setting.

IMG_0824More photos can be seen on Twitter

As well as our John Muir statue being displayed at our shop to commemorate the John Muir Coast Festival, we are also offering free bike hire on Saturday 23 April. So why not explore Dunbar by bike, visit the events that are on offer or cycle the John Muir Way!

For more information or to book a hire, call us on 01368 860300, email [email protected] or pop into the shop; Belhaven Bikes, Rigg Service Station, Dunbar, East Lothian EH42 1DE

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